How to choose scientific supervisor

Choosing the scientific supervisor is one of the most responsible steps when writing a dissertation. If you have already written your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis with a supervisor, it would be easier to continue cooperating with the same supervisor. He knows exactly your weakness and strength and can give meaningful advice.

In addition, if you did a research together, the caregiver could give useful hints based on your interests and inclinations. Need a new doctoral supervisor, then ask other doctoral candidates for a good candidate. Do not forget, this depends on your PhD.

A proper publisher for publishing your dissertation determines the success

The main feature distinguishing a dissertation from other types of work is publication. This is not a bachelor thesis that you simply hand in and defend. Publishing a doctoral thesis proves to be the biggest hurdle for many doctoral candidates who are unable to cope.

This is the final step on the way to becoming a doctor, yet the most crucial. Without a publication, a dissertation has no significance. You have to think about that from the beginning and look for a suitable publisher while writing.

Before you publish a dissertation, you should first know how many copies you need to submit to the university. Then you get an idea of what volumes you need in total. On the one hand, a large variety of publishers in Germany facilitates the task, on the other hand, it makes it difficult.

Business and science publishers, young or renowned publishers – such a gigantic offer can confuse everyone’s head. It’s not that easy to find a trustworthy publisher and low prices, especially if you’re not familiar with the publishing industry. Consulting your scientific supervisor is therefore a solution.

It is desirable to select an established publisher that has been in the market for several years. You may need several copies of your dissertation in the future, so you need to be sure that in a few years, your cooperation will continue without a hitch. But you do not have to be misled and choose one of the most popular publishers. With the well-known publishers there is a danger, either to renounce or unbearable costs.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to look for a reputed, but not from the top list publisher. Sometimes you can see free offers. As a rule, stumbling blocks are hidden behind it. You have to be extra careful, because cheese is free only in the mousetrap. If you want your dissertation to be published by a worthy publisher, careful research is inevitable.

Today, many doctoral students find an alternative in online publications. Publishing a dissertation online is a variant that is not common in all subjects. For example, an online publication is more prevalent in the natural sciences, while humanities students tend to write a dissertation in the form of a book. Online publication has obvious advantages compared to a classic version. First, it is much cheaper and you can choose which platform to choose on your own.

You could put your own dissertation online and send the necessary number of printed copies to the university. A publication requirement does not exclude digital publications that are actually recognized by universities. Second, an online dissertation wins a larger reading audience.

If you have published a dissertation online, you can make it available to your foreign colleagues who are interested in your topic. A digital version has a significant advantage if you are short on time. Since it is much faster with an online publication, do not miss the appointments.

How you publish your doctoral thesis is everyone’s business. The most important thing to fulfill the obligation to publish. It is better to take care in advance, so that your diligence is rewarded. Another tip for saving your dissertation: use different data carriers. Also make regular backups of your preliminary work. If you have technical problems with your computer, you can take the USB stick and continue your work elsewhere.