Tips for editing

Without editing a doctoral thesis you risk not reaching the publication at all

Why are the writing agencies unavoidable when talking about a doctoral thesis? To have a dissertation written is considered by many PhD students to be inadmissible, and this option is even out of the question.

You could also understand this position, especially if you take writing seriously and really want to make a scientific career. It looks quite different when you need a complex review of your own work. Professional editing of a dissertation is the most important point on the final stage before becoming a publisher.

Her thesis is actually her book. It is no secret that all renowned writers have their works edited before they are published. Why should not you go this way then? Once your work is completed, you need to provide professional support and find a respected copy-editing office. You have to think twice before using a lecturer’s services.

Since it is your future and career perspective, you must carefully select an expert. Correcting typing errors, keeping unified spelling and spelling corrections is of course important, but the logical structure of the writing and expediency of the argumentation are earlier on the priority list. The scientific weight and novelty of the topic play a key role.

At this point, it is hardly possible to get along without help from external sources. Even the scientific supervisors recommend to have a doctoral thesis proofread. You simply get the suggestions to optimize your text and are free to decide whether to post these changes in the work.

Imagine that you have written a statistical doctoral thesis in medicine. You have spent so much time doing the data analysis, research and now you have to independently check all the information. After more than a hundred written pages you have to find new energy to devote yourself to a dissertation.

Pretty exhausting, right? That’s why technical editing is just what you need. So you are sure that your work is error-free, citation properly formatted and the text is correct in content. If you have an innovative idea in the Constitutional Court and want to create a groundbreaking law, we assign a law expert to help you to achieve your challenging goals. We guarantee perfect proofreading not only in the medical or juridical field, but in many other industries.

Please note the time frames. Plan that the editing of a thesis and the final editing of the text take a long time. We try to find a suitable editor as soon as possible, but the timeframes have to be realistic. After the last correction rounds you can finally publish your own dissertation.

If you are still bothered with the idea of whether or not it is worth doing your doctorate, consider all aspects and only then make a decision. We do everything dependent on us, so that you feel support on our part. For us quality is the most important thing, so you can count on us!